balancing act

March 8, 2012

I have been so exhausted this week. Work has been hectic, but I’m not complaining! Rezeki, Alhamdulillah.

But mann everytime I see a bed, I immediately invade it without warning.

Nani snapped this picture of me right before I had to go live on TV for an interview recently.

I stole a 15 minute nap before leaving to the studio.

I wasn’t kidding when I wrote in The Star that what I want right now is a balanced lifestyle.

Work, play, family etc.

Right now, work is taking the front line because I’m at that age; the “building ourselves” part, in hope to have my desired lifestyle in the future.

Dean always tells me, “It’s better that we suffer now and relax later, than relax now and suffer later.”

But even he gets worried seeing the pace that I’m pushing myself.

I gotta learn how to draw the line so my health does not get compromised.

Any business owners out there? Do share your secret.