March 15, 2012

This week, Alhamdulillah, we’ve been so busy at work and our sales have been doing well (bonuses coming in eh, Petronas???). And we’ve been getting a lot of media exposure. Just finished an interview with a magazine this morning, and tomorrow I’ll be a part of a panel on TV (not sure if it’s live or not, I better check soon).

Talking about the trend of online shoppers in Suri & Lana Twiggy Jacket.

I’m now sitting in the office alone, writing this and mann it’s just so peaceful and quiet. All my work has been completed for the day and it’s like a huge relief of my chest, shoulders, arms and legs.

Can’t wait for the weekend.

Things I need to settle this weekend before Mom disowns me:

1) Wedding guest list complete with phone numbers and addresses (dieee…)

2) Clean my room

3) Plan out gym classes I’d like to attend

4) Book myself for regular facials and spas before the wedding

5) Waxing. Oh dear, waxing is a priority.

6) Sort out my Nikah Team Dulang girls’ outfits

7) Buy all the hantaran for Dean this weekend

8 ) Book Kursus Kahwin and HIV test

9) What else ah?