driving lullaby

March 7, 2012

I don’t see her often, but when I do, it’s always fun. My homie’s going for Umrah this week, so she’s meeting all her friends to minta ampun for all her sins towards us. Hahahaa. *ok not funny, we should all do that*

I’m wearing Ola earrings and Saraya Zahret top

After dinner, we were groaning about how full we were and how we couldn’t move. And did you know there are some people who fall asleep WHILE DRIVING when they’re full?! It’s not like they’re doing it on purpose or they’re careless.. it’s just that the body completely goes into rest and relaxed mode.

*looks at Nani*

Nani actually has to tie her hair realllyyyyyy tight so her eyes get pulled upwards and she blasts the music really loud. It’s so funny to see her like that. I get so worried when Nani drives home alone at night.

So…. please, if you’re feeling sleepy….

get a trusted friend to drive

sleepover your friend’s house

wash your face with something that’s minty and refreshing

take a 10 minute nap before you drive, especially for long journeys

don’t eat so much until you’re realllyyy full

slap your face

drive while screaming or singing the whole way

don’t listen to Kenny G on the radio, listen to Rage Against The Machine

Jokes aside, be careful when driving please.