fuel recharge

March 3, 2012

Work’s been crazier now that we offer free shipping on FV.


South East Asia: Shipping’s a flat rate of RM 30 for orders below RM 500. If above RM 500 –> FREE SHIPPING.

But when you’re surrounded by fun people, work really doesn’t feel like work. No matter how much the workload is, if we’re a bit patient and look at the positive side all the time, it’ll all be goooood.

I wasn’t kidding when I said FV team is like a family of our own. We eat together, we laugh together, we even go grocery shopping together. A nice break from looking at computer screens, clothes and accessories all day! Haha.


I don’t know why we like to embarrass ourselves like this.

The aisle we call home.

Some of our cheap thrills:

For when any of us have headaches, backaches or those awkward moments when we just want to smell Tiger Balm.

Gossip magazines

Nani’s attempt to health-icise my diet. Futile, I tell you.

We don’t do LESS sugar, thanks. We go for the real deal – FULL ON sugar.

Can you imagine being the only guy in an office of girls? You should see our toilet –> all sorts of pads and pantiliners decorate our counter. Dean’s an expert already when it comes to pads with wings, no wings, slim, light flow, scented, unscented. All of our cycles sync, so that time of the month, Dean is rarely in the office.

And for the heavy flows…