kursus kahwin day 1

March 24, 2012

Ok so today was Day 1 of Kursus Kahwin.

Headscarf: Mukaa

Necklace: Eltii (silver, bronze)

To non-Muslims, just to fill you in, every Malaysian Muslim who wants to get married has to undergo a 2-day pre-wedding course. To learn the ins and outs of marriage life and what our roles are as husbands and wives.

There are rumors that the course is going to extend to a week long course (due to the worrying divorce rates), so the current courses are always full of smart people dodging the future 7-day marriage camp. Including Dean and I.

The course wasn’t as bad as I anticipated it to be. Yes, my bum was numb by the end of it, but the speakers made a lot of jokes and stories. It wasn’t as dry as people say. (Of course this was only Day 1, ask me again tomorrow…)

The content was nothing that we didn’t know, but it’s a good reminder. Women have to be good to hubby, women have to give in to husband’s every whine and desire, women have to ask husband’s permission to leave the house, women have to serve husband food on the table, women have to get pregnant, women have to give birth, women have to give milk, women have to raise children, women have to be OK if husband wants to marry another. All the stuff we love to hear.

But there were some random but interesting facts I wrote down during the Health Topic.

1) To be more cheerful, eat banana and drink Horlicks.

2) To sleep better at night, drink warm milk.

3) To release stress, eat spicy food and chilli. So if you’re pissed off at your partner, go to the kitchen and chomp on chilli.

4) To have a healthy uterus and reduce birth defects, it’s acid folic and an example of good food is grapes.

5) To make hot temper worse, eat sweet things.

6) To increase sex hormones, eat mangoes.

7) To decrease sex hormones, start smoking cigarettes.