mellow yellow

March 20, 2012

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If I’m lucky, I get invited to the backstage of fashion shows. It sounds glamorous but actually I realize it’s not. All the hustle and bustle, everyone’s on the verge of tears trying to find the other side of a model’s shoe.

Worst part is,  it’s usually hot. No aircond behind the stage, girlfrienddd. And you’ll start seeing wet patches underneath the model’s armpits. I swear, the term “Fresh from the runway” is super misunderstood.

But we’re all human beings. Wet patches, I can still understand.  If these people can have them, we all should kind of make it a trend. (I KID!!)

I can’t wait to check out their armpits when any of them visit our beautiful country, Malaysia.

Anyway, what I can’t live with though is… yellow stains!! Yellow’s pretty hot on clothes, yes, but yellow armpit stains… aiyoh. No. Cannot.

I use the stick deodorants, and while I find them useful, I really can’t stand that sometimes they leave white marks on my black clothes. So I’ve switched and I found this new deodorant to be something to talk about.

Comes in a clear roll-on deodorant, and a deodorant spray.

Normal deodarants just basically create a coat on the skin. Kinda like the foundation on my face. Just to mask, totally useless otherwise. Haha. But NIVEA Invisible for Black & White Anti-Perspirant Deodarant is specially formulated to absorb quickly and deeper into the skin. So, 2 times longer invisible protection against perspiration and helps maintain the original colour of your clothes.

Long-lasting too! Trust me, I’ve smelled to confirm.

My headband: Sereni & Shentel

Afzan’s headband: Alainn

Afzan’s checked too!

No white stains on black clothes or worse, yellow stains on white clothes.

Oh, random fact. Did you guys know that yellow stains on white clothes actually appear over several washes? So we might be doomed and we’d only find out after like 10 washes.


Start dashing to the NIVEA counters now.

This is off-topic, but just to share. A tip to avoid bad BO is to rub lime on your armpits when you shower. Mom shared this tip with the girls and I SWEAR it really works!! You just have to be rajin enough to remember to do this everytime you shower. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered. Haha.