tunang team

March 12, 2012

Insyaallah, I’ll be officially engaged in less than a month!!

My dress is settled, but I needed to get my dulang girls’ outfits. You see, in Malay tradition, wedding/engagement ceremonies usually have an exchange of trays of gifts (it’s not compulsory, of course). Cakes to even handbags and shoes, the bride and groom present the other side with some offerings. And there will be people carrying the trays into the ceremony because no one has thought to invent a conveyor belt for this.

Usually, the dulang boys/girls are people who are special to the bride and groom, and ours will be no exception. I am lucky to get 2 ceremonies (engagement and solemnization) so I’m happy all my closest and oldest girl friends will have a part in at least one of the ceremonies.

I took the Tunang team for their dress session at INNAI last weekend.

“Whatttt, you’re going to make us carry stuff?”

“Can we wear heels?”

“Who’s doing our make-up?”

“Man, looking at my measurements is depressing!”

“Can you give me the lightest dulang?”

“Who are Dean’s dulang boys? Are they hot?”

Part of the Tunang team

When I told them they all have to wear tudung for the ceremony. Nervous smiles and laughter.

(This was the fake take, you should’ve seen their super shocked faces haha)

“No, really…are you going to make us cover our hair?”

My top: Radzuan Radziwill

Adjourned to dinner

I was the happiest girl that night. Amazing feeling to be surrounded by your girlfriends and binge-eat together for one night only.

My top: INNAI

Duck Sara got left behind so I had to go another day to take her there. Sheesh not easy coordinating many girls.

I’m so excited for their dresses. The design is so niceeee. They’re going to look even more awesome than me!!