3D triple the yummy

April 4, 2012

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Last week, a bunch of bloggers met up again and it’s all thanks to Pizza Hut, as usual!

I love these kinds of gatherings where we catch up and gossip about our readers. Hahahah I’m kidding. We really just gossip about other bloggers.

The latest one to arrive wasn’t me. Pheewwww. It was Beautifulnara, his wife and his adorable latest addition! Everyone forgave them when we saw their baby. Seriously, babies are the greatest apologies. Just show an angry person a baby and they go awwwww.

Me, Abg Wan and Kak Red

Me, Kak Red and Hanis

Hanis and I kept cracking jokes to each other the whole night

Kak Red showing me her non-existent pimple.

Dean learning tips about being a husband from Abg Wan

Another bride-to-be Audrey!

Hot Momma Iza being all selfless and feeding her daughter

Everyone’s popping out babies, I swear.

Then the food came and we all became hungry apes.

The latest addition to the Pizza Hut menu: Their Triple Chicken Sensation Pizza, designed to give your tastebuds an awesome 3D food experience.

Flavourful slices of chicken loaf on a bed of succulent chicken salami, topped with fluffy chicken floss. (Hanis ruined this moment for me when she called chicken floss serunding -____-β€œ)

The pizza has tantalizing mayo sauce, caramelized onion and toasted sesame, and of course, what we all live for, yummy hot melted mozzarella cheese.

Then, since we’re on a 3D Triple The Fun mode, why not order the Triple Sensation Platter.

Triple Sensation Platter: Chicken & Cheese Rolls, Cheesy Pops and French Fries

Seriously, Cheesy Pops…. I had like 5 of these. Even Dean and Nani had to give me a look for me to stop.

Then, their special drink to complement the 3D sensation is….

The Frutaz Fizz!

A refreshing mix of 7-up, green apple and passion fruit flavoured syrup, garnished with lime and jelly. Nani stole mine.

Sigh. Why do they make me do this? Now I reallyyyyyy want Pizza Hut for lunch.

It was so good that even Bautifulnara and his wife forgot one little thing.

So, pop quiz of the day!


5 commenters (picked at random) will get vouchers to eat the Triple Chicken Pizza!