a tribute to mother earth

April 23, 2012

I love how at FV, we are not just about fashion and shopping. The marketing team, led by Dean and Marissa came up with FV’s DAILY 10 Campaign on our Facebook fan page. So everyday, someone will get RM 10 if they answer a question correctly. All these questions have nothing to do with fashion, but instead they’re all about the world and general knowledge.



A lot of people have a very sad perspective of our education system, in that we don’t pay much attention to the rest of the world. Everything’s just looking inwards into our little Malaysian bubble and everything’s about memorizing for exams with all sorts of formulae and facts. There are a lot of things I love about Malaysia, but in some ways, I do agree that we are not being exposed enough to the world. (At least when I was studying, don’t know about now!)

Some serious ones

Some fun ones


Now, they’ve come up with Earth Day 2012 Competition.

Did you guys know Earth Day was yesterday?!!!

Man.. i’m such a terrible Earthling because my lifestyle is a disgrace to going green. So this year, I’m going to be a better citizen!

1) Recycle

2) Don’t waste water

3) Don’t drive unnecessarily. More carpooling!

4) Don’t consume or use illegal/controversial products; shark fin, fur etc

5) Less aircond

6) Turn off switches when not in use

Many more!

FV is doing its part to create awareness via Earth Day 2012 Competition.

Read up.

Marissa’s idea of her submission:

Send in your pics and join in the fun! If you win RM 500, shop wisely! 🙂

Join in the fun!