and…action! cut!

April 30, 2012

A production company Celebrate TV wanted to feature Opah for one of their episodes.

Good morning towel, floral blouse, kain batik, paper bag full of junk, she’s all set for life.

I told Opah excitedly and she looked excited for a moment there. Then she got nervous.

What would they ask, why me, I don’t know what to talk about, what do I wear bla bla.

I said I’ve got it covered, don’t worry.

We settled on a date, and Opah was all geared up.

Then she got unwell nearer to the date.

I was getting worried, so I told the crew to postpone until Opah’s well. They were super understanding and said no problem, they’ll wait till Opah’s well.

A week later, Opah was all chirpy and well.

We settled on a new date.

A couple of days before the shoot, Opah got unwell again.

I told her the shoot’s canceled.

She got much better that evening.


Conclusion: Opah’s not going to be a veteran actress anytime soon.

But check out Celebrate TV here. They’re pretty awesome.