back in the game

April 11, 2012

Work’s back in full force mode again this week. Not enough time to rest from the weekend, but I’ll reward myself with a spa session sometime next weekend.

Had a photoshoot with Utusan and a TV interview with TV9 after to promote FV.

Was fun, but I wish I wasn’t so sleepy!

Jas.C necklace, Poya cardigan (they’ll be up on FV tomorrow)

Ola earrings, Gallo top (blue or yellow), Jas.C jacket

Saku belt, top is by a mystery brand that will be launched next week.

Dean’s shirt is by his favourite Dude & The Duchess.

Asma’ is wearing Yadotsa and Mukaa

And this will be the FIRST ever TV interview that Dean and Asma’ are also talking.

It’ll be out in May.