cake boss

April 18, 2012

Last week, I became a manager for a change. Hehe.

Asma’ was on Bella NTV7 to talk about baking. She is one of the talented people behind Gateauxlicious, a cake boutique. If you’ve been following PD for a while, you would notice that all my cakes are from them. Not just because Asma’ is my frenemy, but because I genuinely think they’re so good.

So, they were called to go on Bella and I was on bossy manager mode.

“Asma’, wear this.”

“Asma’, smile like this.”

“Asma’, posture! Posture!”

“Asma’, don’t sound stupid please.”

Basically, all the things Asma’ says to me when I go anywhere to represent FV. See how she likes it the other way round. Pfttt.

Anyway, this was Asma’s first time going on TV for a live interview and OMG I was so proud!! She said she was nervous and her fingers were cold, but she said nothing wrong and she spoke with such calm that I did not even cringe backstage.

Some pictures:

Asma’s outfit:

Mukaa scarf, Mimpikita top, eltii necklace, AprilMay ring and StellaRissa pants.

My sister was dragged on the show too as a guest! She has probably never baked in her life. Haha.

The cake that Deborah Henry “made”.

So proud of you.

When she came back to the office, we all cheered and asked for her autograph.