dean’s birthday

April 11, 2012

For our merisik, we chose the day before my birthday last year. So for our engagement, we chose a day before Dean’s birthday.

Probably not a good idea if you’re big on birthdays, because no one can be bothered about your birthday the next day. Everybody’s still exhausted from the event and all they see is their bed. “Oh it’s Dean’s birthday today? Oh cool… *yawn*” (Didn’t even bother wishing haha).

Thank God we had the hantaran cake. I removed the first tier from the cake that he gave me, and used it as his birthday cake to wish him. We didn’t have candles, so chopsticks it is! Then we all played Taboo with everyone and ended up fighting when the scores were tied.

Cake by Gateauxlicious

(Jelly beans courtesy of moi)

Probably not the birthday he would remember when he’s 90, but hey this year I got him a fiancee.