don’t drop it

April 23, 2012

Last weekend was crazy busy but I just had to slot in this special visit.

Huda (Asma’s sister) gave birth!!!!! We were so excited for their new addition!

I steer clear of carrying newborn babies because I always have this vision that I’ll drop them accidentally.

I always just peer at the transparent thingy they put the baby in and go “Awww so cute so cute!!!” and then I step away.

But Asma’ forced it on me. I was horrified.

I remember this picture.

I was thinking “Don’t fall, don’t drop it, don’t turn your body, just don’t move!! Omg someone take this away from me!!”

A few minutes before that:

My top’s from some random shop and Dean’s wearing a Dude & The Duchess shirt.

Was so excited to walk to the maternity ward and see babies.

Bought a balloon and everything.

Yeah….she had a baby boy.