jalapeño cheese sauce

April 16, 2012

I know I’ve been reallllyyyyyy bad with replying emails these days and I really apologise. Between the never ending workload, the engagement and wedding preparations, and now trying to learn how to cook, I sleep even less than I did before!!

I’m quite tired these days, I have to admit.

But anyhoo, I received an email recently from a blog reader, and the name sounded so familiar. It turned out to be familiar because I always see it on twitter, and she’s one of the people who always gives me support and motivation by her tweets to me. So of course, I was happy to open it asap.

Turned out to be a request. To surprise her “friend slash boyfriend slash I don’t know what we are we’re really confused” who is also a Proudduck reader. She told me it was his birthday soon, so she would really appreciate if I gave a shoutout on Twitter to the birthday boy.

I did more than that.

I found out the birthday boy owns a hotdog stall in the famous food area Rasta, TTDI. And hey, anything for birthdays and food!! So after work, Dean, Nani and I went to surprise them while they’re busy at the stall.

“One hotdog, please.”

We got more than one.

Watched birthday boy Eryzal (in yellow) at work.

They wouldn’t let me make one. Might poison people.

My earrings: Marshella

My top: Jas.C (blue, khaki)

Nani and I excited to dig in.

There were so many hotdogs to choose from and they all have awesome funny names that I already forgot.

But mannn they’re all so yummy!!!

Black pepper with nachos.

Scrambled eggs on top of hotdog. I’ve never seen that in my life.

My ULTIMATE favourite. Nachos and hotdog topped with jalapeño cheese sauce.

Crazy sedap. Like sedap gila. The bread is super soft, the nachos are crispy, the chicken sausage is juicy….

You guys don’t understand, seriously. You have to go there.


I’m also so impressed with the guys behind Papa Hotdog Rasta. I learned that they all have day jobs, and Eryzal himself is an engineer. After work, he works till early morning mending his hotdog stall. Even on his birthday! And they are such a hilarious bunch of people who are always laughing and cracking jokes. Love the positivity no matter how tired they are. Very inspiring. Who says Malays are lazy?!

I don’t get their obsession with the peace sign though.

Happy birthday Eryzal and thanks for always supporting FV and PD! May you and your “friend slash girlfriend slash I don’t know what we are we’re really confused” find happiness and success in your future endeavors!

Papa Hotdog is located in Rasta, TTDI and only operates at night. So no office lunches there.