paint the town red

April 3, 2012

INNAI came up with their higher range INNAI RED last week.

I was so excited to see what INNAI RED had to offer since all the INNAI stuff are amazing!

And true enough, we were all blown away. The fashion show was split into 2 parts, the first was by INNAI and second was INNAI RED’s debut collection.

INNAI RED isn’t about batik like INNAI is, but instead, it offers beautiful dresses fit for a bride! Using a lot of pastels, lace, soft beadings and pearls, and one-of-a-kind designs. I fell in love with so many, I’m even considering making an outfit change for my wedding!! *cries*

My pictures aren’t amazing because I’m a crappy photographer, sorry.

INNAI Batik collection:


But you haven’t seen INNAI RED yet.


Gorgeous tiers with pearls

My absolute favourite.

I was too busy gawking at it that I missed the opportunity to take a proper picture!!

With Zaireen of Ola

With HunnyMadu, the coolest girl ever.

With Izrin, the pretty lady boss behind INNAI empire. Amazing lady, I must say.

My outfit was of course by INNAI RED and my accessories were from Ola.