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April 30, 2012

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A bunch of friends and I were having a girly session and somehow, God knows how la, we all started talking about periods and at what age and how we got it.

Mine had to take the cake.

I was 11 and I got my first ever period…… on stage.

I was singing in a choir and I must have been so nervous that blood had to come out. I had no idea, though. I was just feeling uncomfortable and weird, and thought nothing of it. Went home like normal, and had the shock of my life in the toilet.


And well, hello puberty.

13 years on, I’ve had my fair share of period cramps, cravings, and stained delicates. It’s almost like yawnnn, not this again.

So that day, I was in desperate need for pads, and Dean so kindly bought me some. (Remember the picture of him studying pads in the supermarket?)

I told him to buy me the KAO Laurier brand just to try them out as some of my friends use them. I’ve never used KAO before and I thought why not give it a try and see what the hype is all about.

Laurier Maxi is a wayyy better absorbent than the current brand I use. It absorbs so fast that you don’t feel all disgusting and urmm…moist. I like it!!

Then I needed a restock, so I tried their new range KAO Laurier Perfect Comfort. Oh god, even better! It’s even slimmer yet it’s so comfy and super slim so you might scratch your head wondering whether or not you wore a pad this morning. Or even better, whether or not you were having your period because it’s not usually this comfortable.

Their tagline is Pilihan Perfect, and it’s perfect indeed!

There are 2 unique features about KAO Laurier pads. They have:

1)   Wonder Gel Technology

Makes the pads ultra-thin and comfy with no stuffy feeling, and it’s super easy to wash.

2)   Quick Lock System

Makes the pads absorb fluid quickly and locks it within, so it’ll prevent leakages and keep skin fresh and dry for longer. (Even during heavy flow days, trust me!)


What’s not to like, seriously?

They even have Fara Fauzana as their ambassador, and I really like the way she is; funny, cool and just confident. *Hoping that by wearing KAO, I’ll be like that too haha*

The Laurier Perfect Comfort is available in wing and non-wing, in packs of 9 and 18. Price ranges from RM 3.30 to RM 7.45, so it’s super affordable for a good quality necessity.

They’re offering to give freebies to us! I selfishly took a couple, but I’m willing to share 5 with you!

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“KAO Laurier Perfect comfort adalah pilihan perfect says kerana……”