stepford wife

April 11, 2012

A few days back, Dean and I passed by an electrical shop and he asked me, “So, you do know the kitchen area in wherever we will live will be your area to do up, right?”

“Um of course I do.”

He took me into the electrical shop just to browse at the things and I dragged myself in there after him.

“So, do you know how much a microwave or a cooker cost? We have to do a budget for the kitchen.”

“Umm.. yeah of course I do.”

Dean looked down directly at me. “You have no idea, do you?”

“Well, I assume we’ll only look at these after the wedding. Because you never know guests might give us kitchen stuff as presents so we should not buy any just yet.”

Clever excuse, I thought. But I knew the truth. Truth was, I had no idea. I reflected on myself a little bit. I’ve been so self-consumed and work-occupied, that I think I’m forgetting the fact that I’m going to be a wife in 2 months.

I’m going to be a wife in 2 months.Β Wow, that is scary to read in black and white.

Dean has been so good, trying to budget and get more income doing this and that, looking for places to put a roof over me, even going to the gym to buff up. Basically he’s planning our new life as the future leader of the Dean-PD team.

Me? Oh dear. I haven’t even started flipping through cookbooks, let alone check out how much a blender costs.

I always hope to be the perfect wife. All dolled up in a dress when husband gets home, greeting him with a smile. Kitchen smelling nice and his favourite food readily served on the table. His shirts perfectly hung and colour coded. His eyes all on me, his home is his paradise and there’s nowhere he’d rather be. I guess I admired Charlotte in Sex & The City too much.

They never really showed how she got all those things right all the time.

Now where’s the manual?