toots’ birthday brownies

April 2, 2012

Today, my best friend of 16 years, turns 25!!!!!! We’re big believers of Toots Titts tradition and one of it is to always be together at the midnight of each other’s birthdays. So here I am writing this as she snores away.

Toots is officially a quarter century today so I thought I’d do a special thing for her. Something that’s so rare it’ll blow her mind away.

That’s right.

I baked her a cake.

“Ummm… we were just about to buy her cake. So don’t have to buy?” Waa, Toot’s elder sister.

“No!! Please buy the cake. I don’t trust my cake.”

“Phew…I don’t either.”

I’ll show em. Rolled up my sleeves, posture straight, and confidently I got to work.

I was so excited. Chocolate brownies for Toots. I thought to add more crunch, I’d add some Cornflakes too. I also saw some leftover Coco Crunch, but I thought that’s a bit too out there, so I stuck with Cornflakes.

Right before I put the tray in the oven, I gave one look at the future Brownie of The Year and thought hmmm it looks a bit lonely.

So to spice things up, I added a few jelly beans and wrote TOOTS.

Ran out of jelly beans. Found some star sprinkles at the back of the fridge (didn’t even bother checking the expiry date) and wrote a “squared” after the O to make the 2 O’s. People will get it, I’m sure.

No one got it. Sigh. People can be so annoying sometimes.

After I put the tray into the oven, the whole house smelled like chocolate brownies. It was so heavenly! I went up, put some good music on, showered and got dressed to go to her house (by getting dress, I meant my sleeping kaftan… it was midnight after all).

Came down, and I was smiling as I wore the oven mitts to take the tray out.










Everyone looked at each other.


Now it’s just an awkward 2. (To others, it’s just an awkward shape).

Seriously, go study far far also no point if you’ve got no common sense.

Jelly beans + heat = no jelly beans.

I had to go with plan B. Thank god I had some more of the maybe expired sugar stars.

I was beaming when I presented it to Toots, only to get a laugh from her.

And when she tried cutting it, it was as hard as rock.

“What does it say?”


“It’s ok. It took me 16 years to get you to bake something, so I feel special.”


Oh well, guess I won’t be auditioning for Cake Boss anytime soon.