weekly meeting

April 25, 2012

Sometimes, you get caught up in career and life, that you take for granted some of the important things.

Toots and I have been so busy with our own things that we declared ourselves horrible friends of the decade.

“Yeah, I don’t read your blog anymore because it makes me sad that I’m so busy and I’m not a part of your activities.”

“Yeah, I don’t read your blog anymore too….because it reminds me of death.”

(You can guess who said which line)

“Ok from now on, every week before you get married, we have to sleepover once a week.”

“OK SETTLE!! I’ve missed you so much.”

“PLUS one dinner a week too…. Or is that too much?”

“We might be going too fast….”

“Yeah don’t think we’re there yet in our relationship.”

“Ok, one sleepover wajib, one dinner sunat.”

Today, I got a hilarious email from her.

The red indicates busy, the green indicates free.


My reply:

(I meant prospective….) *blush*

Don’t take things for granted before both of you are stuck sleeping with a man every single night for the rest of your lives. Pfttt.