11.30 pm thoughts

May 1, 2012

We had a shoot with Celebrate TV recently, and we had to give our honest feelings about working at FV.

I thought I’d just wing it, but when the camera was on, I felt a pang of nostalgia.

Necklace: Antyk Butyk (restocks coming in this week)

Top: Yadotsa (launching soon)

Skirt: Kiss & Tell (all sold out, getting a restock soon)

Shoes: KG by Kurt Geiger

Shirt: Dude & The Duchess

Jeans: True Religion

I looked at Dean doing his interview and there was this overwhelmed feeling of proudness. I’m so proud of him for leading this company and always keeping his cool, even when some things piss him off and only I know. And it reminded me of the hard times we’ve had together building up FashionValet. We’ve had our fair share of disappointments of course, and we’re learning everyday. Not a lot of friends will support you, not a lot of friends will ever buy what you sell even if it’s RM 50, not a lot of friends will be happy that you’re going places.

That’s normal, and I can’t stress enough how you’ve got to be strong in handling your business. You cannot take things personally. My favorite quote is from my mom and it has kept me focused; Rezeki comes from Allah, not from people. Simple, but super meaningful. I think her words are the driving force that FV is rising by the day, even to some’s dissatisfaction.

Everyone thinks it’s the easiest thing to do in life. Fooohhh so wrong. Thank God the two of us are both very passionate in what we do, and we never lose momentum. Cos we know FV’s awesome.

But what’s difficult in running your own company is not setting up a system, not tallying figures, not the marketing strategy. But it’s keeping an awesome team together. Trying to keep positivity running, trying to uplift everyone’s spirit, trying to trust people, trying to get people to be as passionate about something as you are. Cos really, not everyone cares as much as you do and I just got lucky with the current FV team.

My first attempt at being a boss is at FV. And during this short experience, I have to say I’m having an awesome time. The team is very close, we’re always laughing, they’re super duper dedicated (worked on labour day y’all!!) and just freaking amazing. And I really hope they appreciate Dean and I the way we appreciate them too. I have no idea how to be a boss or whether I’m doing things the right way, but I guess that comes with experience and time will teach me.


My honest quote.


Btw, Proudduck has reached 6 million hits!!!! I didn’t even realize until Mom told me. Thanks for being here, guys :)