a girl named beek

May 27, 2012

One of the reasons why I hate spring cleaning is that you’ll find lots of memories.

Some are bad memories of your past that you want to forget.

Some are good memories that will make you cry and all depressed.

Either way, both suck. Haha.

I found this today.

My high school diary.

Never judge a book by its cover.

This book is packed with homework reminders but most special of all, crazy full of notes from my fellow ducks.

Admittedly, we are  not as close as we were in Form 5. There are 6 of us and each one of us are pursuing our own paths and we’re separated by continents. But we try to keep in touch as much as we can, updating each other on the big moments in our lives. We’re all grown up now, each one with our own achievements, dreams and struggles.

But 8 years ago, we were 6 best friends behind the classroom doors of Form 5 Science 1 in Sri Cempaka.

Let me show you some of the pages of this diary and invite you to know the 17-year old Proudduck who they nicknamed Beek.

Missing you guys loads.