anybody home?

May 5, 2012

Hey y’all!

Jacket: Suri & Lana (purple and blue)

Necklace: Jas.C

Ring: Matahari

My sister and I are in Jakarta now, having our sister time.

We both switched off data roaming cos well, number 1, Maxis roaming is crazy painful and makes you want to switch to Celcom. And number 2, we wanted our relaxing time.

And guess what. After half a day, we were both clutching our phones itching to turn the roaming back on. It’s so quiet!! No one’s emailing, no one’s bbm-ing.

My sister turned to me just now, “I wonder what’s happening in the outside world.”

*looking at the Twitter icon on my phone*

“I feel so disconnected, I’m almost depressed.”