May 23, 2012

Ok so some of you might know that I’m vertically challenged.

I’m so short that tall people can’t even see me sometimes. And I can actually hide behind someone if I’m trying to avoid you.

And somehow, I seem to be stuck with tall people who love heels.

For example, my best friend Toots, ladies and gentlemen is a skyscraper on stilettos. She comes from the 6-feet-what-are-you-an-ant? family. The only normal one is her mom so I usually stick with her when they’re all together.

Another one of my best friends Asma’ also I no like. See, you guys think she’s tall right…. but na-ah. She’s short too that one, but she’s super duper skinny so she’s all lean, long and annoying.

Both these girls are my bridesmaids at my side’s wedding reception.

And I chose their dresses to be made at Nurita Harith. Nurita sent me a sketch of their dresses and they were so gorgeous that I almost cancelled them.

So I emailed those two giraffes the picture of the sketch.

Asma’s response:

Toots’ response:

Knows me too well…

Thought they’d never ask….


I’m the bride and they’re my maids, no?