May 17, 2012

Dean likes to keep the office fun and comfortable for everyone, and now he’s gone a step further.

He bought a bunch of bean bags for everyone and oh dear… do you know how expensive those Doof beanbags cost?!!! I was so shocked. And so against it when I found out….

They arrived and they are A HIT. We put them right in front of the TV area so it’s for everyone to relax during one of our informal meetings, or when we’re taking a short break.

Dean and I got healthy and safe ergonometric chairs for everyone to work on, and even that got a bye-bye.

The beanies are our go-to place when one of us just finished a heavy task, or you know, it’s nap time.

“Oh wow….” Dean says after lying there for 5 minutes.

“Is it that nice? Let me try.” And I find a nice pink one to lie on.


Then we started talking like zombies and dragged our sentences.

“Wow…. I’m meltingggggg.”

“Right? It’s like it just knows what shape you want it to makeeeeee.”

“Wow…. Maybe we shouldn’t buy beds in our new place. Just take one of theseeeeee!”

“Sigh, I knew I made the right choice marrying youuuuuu.”

Enters Nani to ruin the romantic moment.

“Ah, dah bangun. Kerja!”

Dean looks at me from the next bean bag. “You get up first.”

“No, you get up first.”

“No no, it’s ok. You can get up first.”

Lazy silence.

“I see a problem with these beanbags now. There’s no exit strategy.”