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May 20, 2012

Price Update: If you buy 5 or more, you’ll get 10% discount. Scroll below to get more details. Gather your girlfriends!!

Guys, too much drama in the comments, so I’m going to post up my final comment here:


Guys, I totally appreciate your concern with Siti Husnida and the rest of us who don’t wear hijab.

Honestly, I do feel very inferior without the hijab and the older I get, the more I feel the desire to wear the hijab. Insyaallah it will happen very soon. Everyone has different paths to finding religion and it is even more beautiful when someone wears it because they understand why they have to and they are sincere in doing so.

From what I’ve learned, hijab isn’t just about covering your hair, but a whole total package. Being modest in character, taking care of our tongue, taking care of our movements, our words, our dressing, our hearts, our everything. Only when you do that, you’re “in” hijab. So try to not just look at people’s heads because that is only a fraction of hijab.

Bottom line is, we all know hijab is our way of life and we’re all striving for excellence in God’s eyes. And maybe you cover your head first, then you work on the rest. But don’t look down on others who work on their prayers, their souls first, then do the last step in covering their heads. We’re all on the way there; some more advanced than others and some journeys smoother than others.

Give everyone a chance. Yes, do remind and advise, but be tactful and be kind with your words. Because when you say mean words to people under the pretext of advising, it is a reflection of your inner self that no headscarf can cover that. Only Allah swt can judge. It’s not our job to do that so let’s not waste our times.

This post is about the conference and me offering you the tickets. Instead of attacking Siti Husnida, how about we work on ourselves first and spend our RM 100 to gain some knowledge because we all have rooms for improvement. Let’s check ourselves first. Seeking knowledge is also as good as reminding your fellow sisters in Islam.

I’ll be awaiting your emails.


It’s that time again!

Another Islamic conference to go to!

They had it in London and now they’re coming to KL.

The ones organised by YMP or Mercy Mission, I try to not give them a miss. I love love love how they teach Islam and make Islam look so easy and how much love Islam actually exudes. Super different than the “Kena sembahyang, kalau tidak masuk neraka” kind of teachings. These talks that I go to actually makes us want to pray and shows us how beautiful the bond between us and God is. These talks even attract non-Muslims who have come before just to feed their curiosity with Islam. Non-Muslims are welcome!!

In fact, I think they should have this as regular as possible to give reminders because being human, we always forget.

This one coming up in June is a special one; it’s ONLY FOR WOMEN.


It’s called Being Me.

Can you imagine how fun the talks and discussions will be? Bring out the men issues!!!

Seriously, I bet this will be a once in a lifetime weekend because you’ll be meeting so many sisters in Islam with issues that may match yours. And how beautiful is that, to be able to learn from one another the struggles we have in Islam.

Combating gossip, hijab-phobia, juggling career and family, jealousy, raising children, sensitivity.

And the universal mystery; why men leave their laundry on the floor.

But with an Islamic twist.

It’s gonna be fun!

If that doesn’t pull you in already, I’ll have to pull out my wildcard.

There’s gonna be a beauty oasis.

*wiggles fingers*


There’ll be a fashion show, bazaar, marriage corner, workshops and a daddy daycare!

Eh…focus here…focus!


Date: 30 JUNE 2012

Venue: MATRADE Exhibition Convention Centre (MECC)

Time: 10 am onwards



Topics for Main Hall:

1. The Power of Change – Dr. Fadila Grine

2. Free from all other masters, Empowering Women – Sis. Yasmin Mogahed

3. Muslim Women and the Ummah; Reality and Challenges – Dr. Halima Boukerroucha

4. How to increase your faith? – Sis. Raya Shokatfard

5. Achieving Balance, Inside Out – Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim

6. Inside Out – Nurturing our Soul – Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim

7. The importance of role models – why do we need them? – Sis. Myriam Francois-Cerrah

8. Do we need Islamic feminism? – Sis. Myriam Francois-Cerrah


I’m helping to sell tickets, so here are deets:

Early birds (if bought before 31st May):

Adults: RM 100

(If you buy 5 or more, it’s RM 90 per ticket)

Children: RM 50

If bought from 1st June onwards:

Adults: RM 150

Children: RM 75

So, as usual, email me at and let me know if you want tickets (and how many). I will give you the banking details and will ship the tickets out to you free of charge. FREE DELIVERY.

Please put email subject as “BEING ME”.