my middle finger

May 14, 2012

This was us at our HIV test just now.

HIV test is a requirement to do before we get married. I wouldn’t voluntarily jump up and down to take it.

I was so so scared. I absolutely hate needles and the last jab I had on my bum, I sat on one buttcheek for 2 weeks because I was too scared to put pressure on the violated side.

If anyone told my parents I was a drug addict, they would laugh their heads off. “That little chicken of ours, really?”

I was like a baby at the clinic. We had to wait a while and that gave me time to worry and stress about what’s to come. Dean’s not scared of needles so he was laughing at me the whole time. I honestly thought about how bad it would be if I didn’t get married haha. Simply because I was too scared to get pricked by a needle.

I hate seeing people in pain and I hate feeling pain. Basically, I hate pain la ok.

Dean was filling in some forms while I sat there all pale.

He left me for a while, and said, “Hold on, let me get a knife.”

I did not find it funny AT ALL.

So when it was our turn to go in, I was actually shaking.  Dean told me to go first because he knew I would get even more scared if I saw him doing it. The process was really fast, and it was literally a second. But the pain came after a couple of minutes. It was like a stinging pain and even the other fingers felt sorry for my middle finger. Yes, it’s the finger with most dosa giving people impolite signs, but still… that was years ago!

The whole time in the car, my finger got front row seats to the car aircond.

So Alhamdulillah, I’m still alive. For any couples out there about to do HIV test, don’t worry, if this chicken is still alive, you’ll be too.

Dean and I are done with the marriage requirements; course done, HIV test done. One step closer, guys!

“Can you imagine me in labour???”

Dean laughed nervously. “Yeah, too bad I have work that day.”