my wedding reception dress

May 10, 2012

My recent Jakarta trip was actually for my wedding dress fitting.

You guys might know I’m an avid supported of Asian brands, so all my wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses are by various Malaysian and Indonesian designers.

For my reception dress, I chose Anne Avantie to be the maker.

My wedding reception theme is modern, but I still wanted the traditional kebaya look and after a lot of searching, I thought the ultimate kebaya maker was Anne Avantie from Indonesia.

Her designs and her workmanship…omgg….every detail is paid attention to, fittings are often, and her team is very very professional. All wedding dresses have to be made months in advance as the work is very intricate and takes a longggg time. I even had to sign a letter from them to confirm my lace and my colours (Guess they sensed I’m as fickle-minded as the London weather).

A lot of Singaporeans and Indonesians make their dresses with her, but she’s not very popular in Malaysia I think. The only Malaysian that did with her was Siti Nurhaliza and that was so many years ago!

Photo credit to Google Images. Hehe.

My appointment with her was made well in advance to fit traveling schedule, but even with my appointment, there were 2 other families waiting to see her! I felt so uncomfortable during the meeting because people were just waiting, but she seemed unfazed. She sits on a raised platform at the end of Β her boutique and her staff fusses over her when she’s around. Guess if you’re such a seasoned designer with many recognitions all over the world, you exude that sort of grandeur aura. It’s pretty intimidating to see, really!

Before leaving to her place, all smiles:

Dean’s shirt: Dude & The Duchess

My top: Jas.C

At her place, all straight faces haha:

Went for 2 fittings already and I’m so in love with my dress.

It’s superrrr heavy and elaborate and I’m so scared, but oh well, it’s my wedding day!

Can’t wait to wear it!!