our engagement day

May 20, 2012

7 April 2012 was the day Dean and I got officially engaged.

It was a beautiful ceremony done by my parents for us, and I was so overwhelmed when I saw everything I just couldn’t speak. My parents were very involved in everything, especially my mom who was super hands on. Sigh, how can I ever repay them for always wanting to give me the best and make me happy?

Here’s to share more photos with you guys.


Photography: The Photoz

Videography: Manggis

Decorations & Hantaran: Pak Abu

Cake: Gateaux-licious


Hair & Make-up: Khir Khalid

My bridesmaids: INNAI

(I got emails about where my bridesmaid wearing hijab got those rosettes. They are all part of the dress, the rosettes are actually pins made by INNAI.)

Thank you to all family members, close friends and sponsors for making it an awesome day for Dean and I.

Can you believe I’m actually a step closer to getting married? It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about stressing about taking exams in uni! Time really flies huh?

Next month, I’ll be Dean’s wife. And there are just too many feelings in my heart everyday. So excited to start a brand new chapter with my chosen man. We’ve both been dreaming of this moment; loving each other whilst following the Sunnah and pray that God will bless our relationship. I really can’t wait to come home to each other and seeing his face everyday when I wake up.

But it’s so sad when I think about how I’m leaving the nest and things will change. I’m sure it’s hard on my parents, and it’s hard on me too. I know everyone goes through this, but when you go through it yourself, the feeling is just…so overwhelming and only you will know.

And it doesn’t help when people go, “Lepas ni dah ada suami dah…” or “Lepas ni dah tak duduk sini dah…”. Like yeah, thanks for stating the obvious. Now go tell the sky it’s blue, please.

I’m a big ball of emotions right now, I can cry anytime! It’s really embarrassing, guys.

Weddings are bittersweet, especially when it’s yours.