our first couple shoot

May 23, 2012

Top: PU3 from FashionValet.net

Pants: Zara from years ago

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti that future MIL bought me. LOVE!

Had a magazine photoshoot recently at a studio.

But this time it was extra extra extra special for me.

Because guess who else was involved in the shoot?!







Why, my grumpy fiance of course!

Shirt: Dude & The Duchess on FashionValet.net

I was so so excited, and he was so so not. He hates shoots and leaves me to do the job, but this time they wanted to feature us both and I had to practically beg Dean to come on board. It was his first shoot ever and he was dreading it hahahah.

We had so much fun watching him get make-up on. He questioned every tool and product used on his face, and he was complaining the whole time about how his skin can’t breathe and he does not understand girls.

On me: ZVSH and Antyk Butyk necklace

On Dean: Showoff! white shirt

I thought he was a natural.