our wedding card

May 6, 2012

We took ages to choose the perfect wedding card.

At the meeting with wedding card expert

Top: Radzuan Radziwill

Necklace: Janelle

I didn’t want it to be too extravagant with boxes and glass and whatnots cos I’d rather the budget be spent on guests’ food or doorgifts (or my dress….). I wanted just a piece of art card, like the ones you get at matsaleh’s weddings. Very elegant and straight to the point.

But mom rejected my idea, so we both finally settled on this design.

It’s ready!

Lace will play a huge role in my wedding dress, so I thought it’d be nice to go all lacey with the wedding card too. Mint green and cream, because I think the colour combination is sweet, elegant and understated.

Felt all tingly and nostalgic reading the Doa Pengantin.