russell peters in kl

May 12, 2012

Just got back from the Russell Peters show.

My mouth and jaw area is just aching so much right now.

It was so difficult to get tickets because this was the fastest selling comedy show in Malaysian history.

I now understand why because he was hilarious and amazing with his impromptu jokes. But I’m so glad my parents didn’t come, they wouldn’t have appreciated him and his rude jokes haha.

I don’t even think the guy has a script, he just kept picking on people sitting at the front and making fun of them whenever they answered anything. The most famous guy tonight was definitely Fizzy asa Fitzgerald aka Fizstein and his family sitting at the front row. The 63 year old man got picked on soooo much I felt so bad for him! But I guess everyone who goes to see Russell Peters would already know that he’s like that and everyone was just a great sport tonight.

Except when he made jokes about Singapore. There were some boos from the crowd then.

So yes, next time he comes to KL, fight with people to get his tickets! It’s pretty worth it. They were very very strict with cameras and phones (people got told off for even texting!) so I couldn’t get a snapshot of him. So, here’s a picture of me instead. Haha.

What I wore:

Janelle necklace and Dalybags clutch for the added colour punch!