spark of love

May 16, 2012

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I’ve been thinking what I want to contribute to the Yuna’s Sparkle music video inspired by her fans… and I have no idea what to put!

So I took time today to listen to the lyrics in her song on the website.

(I can’t get over how much I love the concept of her website, btw!)

It’s quite a slow song, very nice to have playing over the weekend while you lie on a lounge chair and having a cup of coffee, thinking about that special someone.

(Who has time to do that la, but it’s a nice picture no?? Hehe)

So I wanted it to have something to do with love and the excitement of the start of falling in love.

We’ve all been there, the part when you’re doubtful to jump into the relationship or not, wondering if this is the right guy for you or if you’re actually about to waste your time and get hurt soon. It’s tricky, relationships, isn’t it?! But if you don’t risk it, you’ll never know! But if you DO risk it, you’ll come out hurt and forever be labeled as that someone’s ex.

I guess I’ve been there a couple times in my life. Fall in love, get hurt, fall in love again. It’s part of life and life would be dull if everyone did everything right all the freaking time.

I checked what the others had to say on The Idea Cloud.

A lot put pictures of themselves or their babies.

I like these 2 the most!

I think I want to submit something simple.

Because every relationship starts with this.

What would you submit?

Submit here.