a walk with my fiancé

June 12, 2012

I had a wonderful weekend with my sister and Dean. Went on a short trip to settle some wedding stuff. (As you can see, my sister “chaperoned’ us, as per Ustazah Mommy’s request)

Anyway, we had a free night so Dean just wanted to walk around. I let my hair down and just dressed simply; a white top, Kiss & Tell velvet maxi skirt, a shoulder bag and simple earrings.

We had an awesome dinner and after that, Dean wanted us to walk back to the hotel. I was a bit skeptical because I don’t like walking by the roadside in an unknown city. My dad would be so worried! But Dean assured me everything will be ok. (The hotel is literally across the road, so I’m just being super drama here…haha)

Just walking together is a moment. We’re so caught up with wedding stuff to settle that we’ve forgotten to enjoy each other’s company sans wedding talk. We laughed, we talked, we walked slowly and enjoyed every step.

We saw a mother and child sleeping on the roadside, cuddled up in a thin cloth they used as a blanket. With leftover food and whatever spare coins people had to offer them. And I felt so so sad that I had to turn away to stop myself from tearing up.

Dean turned to me after a few more steps.

“See, we should always be grateful with whatever we have.”

We really should. Sometimes we forget. We complain and complain about how we don’t have this and that, until we lose the ability to appreciate what we do have.

Forget material things. That’s not what I mean. I mean the more essential things we overlook.

We have all our senses. We can smell, we can taste, we can do anything. We have our healths to enjoy life. Appreciate that God is allowing us to be in the pink of health to do whatever we want. Appreciate that God has given us loved ones to share happiness, love and life. Appreciate that we have jobs to go to each morning. Appreciate that we are able to have food on the table and a bed to sleep in. Imagine if even one was taken away from us, like our ability to see things. Our lives would change in a second.

I have everything I want and more. Loving and responsible parents, a happy family, a hopeful career. And soon, I will have a husband who, to me, is a wonderful one-in-a-million guy who happens to love me a whole lot. He is the person I will entrust my future with and I know he will care for me as God’s amanah to him. Things might not be peachy all the time, I know, but as long as we have God watching over us, we’ll be just fine. It’s nice to have faith, isn’t it? Things seem less scary.

Gosh. So so much to be thankful for. Don’t know what I’ve done to deserve God’s mercy so far, but it’s definitely motivation for me to be a better person.