berinai night

June 29, 2012

Ok so obviously I can’t sleep, so I’d rather blog. Hehe.

Guys, my inai (henna) is sooo black it’s just not funny.

It was either simple clean nails or inai. It took a while for me to decide before I realized it’s a once in a lifetime thing, so why not!

I thought I’d have the nice orange tips with maybe a bit of design, but I think I look closer to a dirty woman with black fingernails and short fingers. Hehe.

I had a wonderful berinai session with my girlfriends though. I didn’t want it to be pretentious, just fuss-free us time with no make-up no whatever. We ate, we laughed, we put on our henna, we had manicures; it was exactly what I needed to end my single days.

I wore a Namiko top, Lux + Bu necklace and Aleena skirt.

God bless them.

Ok I’m going to continue scrubbing my hands now to look less like an orangutan.

Pictures taken by the awesome photographer Safuraa Razak.