bridal shower: the invitation

June 16, 2012

This arrived today.

My bridal shower invitation. And it’s tomorrow!!

“You’re cordially invited to be showered with overflowing love and amazing gifts….”

Yeah right….

Toots and Asma’ planned it these past few weeks and they have been keeping it TOP SECRET. Like seriously, they’d have these secret meetings I don’t know about etc. And when I mention bridal shower to my close friends, they’d all have sly smirks on their faces like they know something bad.

When you put those two heads together, overflowing love really doesn’t come to mind.

I’m so scared!!!!

“Limo service provided 🙂 “

They put a smiley face after limo service….. Crap, it’s a trap.

The will be picking me up so I cannot leave if I wanted to.

Guys, they’re going to torture me.

God help me.