bridal shower part 1: the blindfold

June 18, 2012

I came out of my bridal shower alive!!!!

Guys, it was seriously scary at first. I had no idea where they were taking me, what they had planned and right before they came I was pacing up and down the living room thinking what I’d do if they egg-ed and flour-ed me.

Stella came to pick me up in their “limo”.

I was wearing a Nurita Harith dress that I fell instantly in love with and Ola earrings.

Hair and make-up by Bidin.

Blindfolded from the start of the journey.

I brought my trusted companion, my Kak Ana, in case they kill me.

The whole time, Stella was saying “Duck, V….” or “There’s a big hole, jump!!”


Finally I got to my destination and they allowed me to take off my blindfold.

I was so overwhelmed with what I saw and it was seriously one of the best days in my life.

Part 2 coming soon.