bridal shower part 2: overflowing love

June 26, 2012

Ok I’m a day late I know I’m soooo sorry! Asma’ made me feel bad for not posting it up yesterday as promised. Sorry la, I had a little situation yesterday and got jabbed 3 times on the butt, so you can blame the doctor for drugging me to sleep. Hehe. Anyway, I’m sacrificing my after-Subuh nap for you guys who’ve been waiting. So hope you guys will enjoy…

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If you have seen Toots, Asma’ and I together, you’d know that we are not the “I love you, let’s be BFF forever” kind of friends. We always diss each other and poke fun, and quite often 2 of us will gang up to prank one of us (usually, that’s poor old me).

So you guys have no idea when they planned my bridal shower, I was really nervous. They kept scaring me with egg and flour stories and even delayed the event because “the flour lorry was a bit late coming out of the factory”.

Remember their card for me? “Showered with overflowing love” and what not. Yeah, I was quick to discard that.

And I shouldn’t have.

Because these two monkeys combined forces to give me the most amazing bridal shower beyond my expectation. I was so so overwhelmed with emotions that I almost burst out crying if it wasn’t for 20 other pairs of close friends’ eyes looking at me when I took the blindfold off.

After I’ve taken it all in, I gave them all hugs of thanks and I was so touched that they made time on Sunday (it was also Father’s Day!) for me.

The decor was amazing. It was all DIY by Toots and Asma’ with help from Pak Abu. They hung crystals at 7 am from the ceiling of the transparent tent (yep they got me a tent!!!), they printed out games and place cards, they did a board and easel thing, they made a gift registry for me, they ordered food my favourite food, they made a dessert table full of goodies by Gateauxlicious, they even had a manicure section so everyone who came could be pampered.

On each plate, there was a doily thingy with guests’ names on it and their erotic nicknames for the day (I shall not say what they are, since I have grandmothers reading my blog hehe). There was also a rolled up scroll of the story of how Dean and I met. What’s best is that there was my version at the top, and when you flip the page, there was his version!

Just writing this makes me want to cry thinking how sweet they are! Both of them have day jobs of their own that they come back late at night from; Ajjie has just started a wonderful new business (check this out!) and Asma’ has to juggle FV by day and cake and babies by night. So I can’t thank them enough for still wanting to produce the best for this bridezilla of theirs.

All I could say at the end of the day was, “You guys better not get married or have babies anytime soon. I’m not ready to do all this!! You’ve set the bar too high now.”

Let me give you a glimpse of my special day through these beautiful pictures.

God bless you two for putting your heads together for me. I love you both so much! And I’ll never say it again.

To all my best friends and loved ones who came, THANK YOU for being there for me. Love you guys too!

There will be Part 3 soon.

Because in their invitation card, they said I’ll be showered with overflowing love and amazing gifts. And boy, I so did!!! You should really see the presents I got.

Some made me laugh my head off.

And some made me cry

Part 3 coming soon!

All pictures by Safuraa Razak (except the ugly blurry ones)