feeling inspired

June 22, 2012

Ok so I’ve graduated bridal magazines.

Now I’m on to the next step.

ID magazines for the new home!

It’s an empty unit and I love that. It’s now just filled with white walls and it’s up to Dean and I to bring life to our new home.

It’s so exciting, I’m enjoying this more than going through bridal stuff! Haha.

First stop, we went to the magazine store to get inspiration.

“Why is it all kitchen + bathroom stuff?!! I need the wardrobe issues!!!”

Might have caught Dean rolling his eyes, but whatevs. I guess he shouldn’t complain when I put his clothes in a basket.

Nah, Dean, your wardrobe.

None, I tell you! But GLAM Deko was the closest. They have celebs’ wardrobes featured in this latest issue. A girl can dream, but you never know!

I’m going to start flipping pages now, bye.