first of june

June 1, 2012

A lot of my loved ones have been saying that I’m looking more haggard now. And I guess I do see what they’re saying. I can wear all the make up in the world, and use all the facial products, but nothing can really hide the tired eyes. My routined lifestyle in the office isn’t particularly a healthy one, and I’ve been feeling sluggish all the time!

The clock has struck midnight and it’s officially June. End of this month, I will be walking down the ballroom aisle with Dean as husband and wife, Insyaallah. A lot of the preparations have been done, but not so much for me physically, spiritually and mentally! I’ve admittedly been more concerned with work in the office, but I guess I need to focus more on prepping myself up this month.

So I’ve turned a new leaf that is urmm 5 minutes old. So let’s hope this leaf will be a good one.

This month, I will be cutting fatty food out of my diet. Only soup or grilled/boiled stuff. I’ll be wearing less makeup to let my skin breathe. I’ll be sleeping early and waking up early. I’ll be back to my old self who cared a lot about grooming. I’ll be reading the Quran more. I’ll be fasting. But at the same time, I also want to go through cookbooks and learn to cook. One dish a day?? Ok maybe that’s a tad too ambitious.

And equally important, I have convinced my body to exercise.

Sigh, you have no idea how lazy I am to exercise. I pay every month for my gym membership, and well, all the 3 times I went this year, the watercooler corner was my exercise station.

This is a normal scene of Nani and I exercising.

We get all excited at first, then’ll we will start with crunches.

2 minutes later…..

Me watching stuff on the iPad, while mumbling things like “You can do it, Nani” and “Only 3 more to go, Nani!”

But no!!

New Leaf Vivy is going to be awesome.