June 6, 2012

One of the best things about the wedding preparation is….


Yeahhhh it’s never food-tasting for me. It’s always food-letsfinisheverything time.

Free dinner, doing nothing but eat good food and criticising them so you can have a second food-tasting.

We had our Nikah food tasting just now and Alhamdulillah, everything went splendidly despite us feeling like huge whales by the end of night. Hope the food will be really good on that day too.

They put Dean and I on opposite ends which was probably a bad idea because we kept winking at each other and sending air kisses to annoy Mom. Pak Abu wanted to stick a fork down his throat.

Wearing Janelle earrings and Pink Jambu cardigan

Ok but when people weren’t looking at us, Dean kept giving me fat signals. We both promised to go on diet this June and work out so we’d both have nice bods for the wedding.

Well, when the waiter offered me a second helping of rice, I thought it would be so rude to say no.

As he scooped more rice for me, Dean from across the table raised his eyebrows at me and shook his head.

Feeling super judged, I told the waiter to offer Dean some more rice.

Dean shamelessly accepted when he thought I wasn’t looking and as more rice filled up his plate, I raised my eyebrows at him and shook my head.