maxi skirts

June 8, 2012

What I wore today:

Bimba & Lola top, ZVSH skirt (blue, grape), Chanel bag

I find it quite hard to style maxi skirts.

It’s easy if you’re tall and skinny. You can wear a baggy sweater over a maxi skirt and still avoid the granny look. You can wear a fitted blazer over it and still not look “drowned”. Heck, you can even wear maxi skirts with flats and not have people ask where you left a portion of legs at.

For me, I always wore flats with miniskirts. Ahhh summer days in Hyde Park. But those days are long gone, we had a good run…now it’s cover up maxi skirts all the way!

The rest of the short petite club members would agree that there are only a few ways to wear maxi skirts if you’re short; tucked in or cropped tops. You can search “skirt” on my blog and see that it’s always the same style i.e. tucked in. Haha.

You can choose the “cool” look by tucking in just the front portion of the blouse.

Or style it with a belt over for some colour pop and waist-clinch. But for petite girls, sometimes the belt can cut your body too obviously making you look shorter so always just choose skinny belts.

And of course, the highest heels possible so you don’t look like you’re on community service for sweeping.

My picks from FV:

Kiss & Tell – PU3

Ayou – INNAI – Mimpikita

Kiss & Tell – ZVSH