June 2, 2012

Had a veryyyyy relaxed day today. Started with urut with Mom and my sister (not the spa one, it’s the painful traditional one which was sooo best) followed by a fun-filled lunch with Dad. Later in the evening, future MIL called me to come see some shoes in Pavillion.


*starts engine*

What I wore today:

Grey cardigan by Monday To Sunday that I styled with a brown belt.

I LOVEEEEE their collection. Everything is so comfy and the quality is amazing.

Check out their women’s collection here and then get something for your man/men here too.

At dinner, Dean and I realized we really missed the office today.

In our group chat:

“Guys, Dean and I really miss the office. What happened today at work?”

Dozens of beeps came in to our phones with stupid answers from the whole team.

“Everything turned upside down.”

“No orders got sent today.”

“A dyke came in and pissed us off.”

“We smoked in the toilet.”

“Got high on laughing gas.”

“We were too lazy to pick up calls.”

“I almost went into labour.”

“Unsatisfied customers left right center.”

“Had a karaoke party and played hair salon.”

“Watched TV with the driver.”