the mom inspection

June 20, 2012

Dean and I have our hearts set on a place to live together!

All the other places we viewed, we were like hmm nice nice. But this one….we just looked at each other and beamed with excitement. This is it!!!, we were jumping with excitement when the agent wasn’t looking (Can’t look too desperate, have to be cool y’all… Cool!).

“So what do you think?” asks the agent.

“Mmmmm we’ll think about it….”

We restrained from saying WE’LL SIGN THE PAPERS NOW.

Anyway, we checked the condition of the place and was quite happy with everything. We even viewed it again at night to check how it looked with the lights on etc.

Once we were satisfied, it was time.

Time to call the judges to come and see.

Moms are really our blessings. They found so many things to repair/replace/touch up that Dean and I never saw because we were too blinded from excitement. Worse than Project Runway judges, these two.

“Where would you hang wet clothes?”

“The toilet seat has a crack.”

“They have to repaint that part.”

“Change the locks.”

“Where’s the Qiblat?”

“You can put the carpet this direction.”

“Oh, nice! You can peel onions here.”

I’m sorry, peel what now???

In the end, both moms approved of the place and that build up our confidence that this is the one.

We found our new home, Insyaallah!