akad nikah ceremony

July 11, 2012

Our akad nikah ceremony was my favourite one, maybe because it was the actual moment Dean and I are pronounced husband and wife. It was perfect. The feeling when my dad shook Dean’s hand was overwhelming. I was sitting with my dad in my view and I just poured out crying, stringy snot and everything. Haha.

I’m really close to my dad, so you can imagine what a bittersweet moment it was for me. Seconds away from being Dean’s wife and having the responsibility baton passed from dad to Dean. My dad and I left together from home in the car to KLGCC where the ceremony was held. So in the car, he gave me marriage advice and words of wisdom. Yeah, I don’t remember anything. It was hard to hear with me crying like a baby.

But my dad kept his cool and that helped me a lot. I mean, if he showed the slightest sorrow, I would be wailing in the ladies’ room.

I was seated on the pillow (was not easy trying to smile while ) and surrounded by my dulang girls and  my sister. Dean and his entourage walked in and I had to act all shy and look down. I did steal a glance at him though and my first thought was “Can someone please fix his crumpled baju melayu?”. He, on the other hand, did not even look at me!!! I was like helloooooo bride’s this way, look at me! He later told me that he wanted to keep it special and only look at me after the akad. Nice save. Pftt.

The Imam asked Dean, “I need to confirm this as a procedure. Is this the Vivy Yusof that you want to marry? Please look behind you.”

Dean looked at me for the first time and nodded.

“Are you sure that’s Vivy? She doesn’t usually look like that on a normal day.”

Pfftttttt very farneeeeee, Imam.

I always thought the moment everyone says “Sah”, there should be some magical feeling that encapsulates the transformation to a wife. Nahhh I was more like “Wow, he actually did that in one lafaz. I lost the bet!! I sooo underestimated him.”

We then adjourned to the ballroom for the mahar-giving and ring exchange. And we did the whole kiss on the forehead thing while all the makciks and pakciks told us to hold the pose for longer than necessary. Hehe.

That night, I don’t think it sunk in for both Dean and I that we were married. It’s slowly sinking in now and the feeling is amazing.

Some pictures to share:

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All photos are by The Photoz.

Kissing the youngest brother, baby of the family.

Saidatulnisa putting on my veil

My beautiful dulang girls in specially-made Mimpikita outfits

My presentsssssss!!!

Facing the father in law

And there she goes


Praying for God to save him haha

Dean cried hugging his mom!

Exchange of rings

Exchange of rings

My dress and shoes were from Radzuan Radziwill

My dream pelamin by Pak Abu

Post-akad interview on our wedding BTS that will be out in October

May Allah bless us with love, happiness and prosperity from now and the hereafter.