blogopolis event

July 18, 2012

I was so honored to be a part of Nuffnang’s Blogopolis event this year. It was their first year in Malaysia (really big in Aussie) and I thought it went well. So many bloggers participated and as scared as I am of public speaking, I dragged myself on stage and just blabbed on about random stuff.

I was with the one and only Malaysia’s Gossip King Beautifulnara and mannnn he should do this for a living. He’s so funny he cracked the whole floor up!!

“Saya brand blog saya dengan muka kacak saya ni.”

I was wearingย Jas.C butterfly topย andย Working Hoursย obi belt

Blabbing some more to the camera

Earlier on, I had a radio interview with RedFM to talk about the Blogopolis event.

DJ Linora was on air so we had to stay outside for a while.

I sure hope there was no camera around that area because I was sureeee making a fool our of myself.

Trying to get Linora’s attention by doing that “walking down the stairs” thing.

She finally let me in because so kesian like that.

I was so excited seeing all these complicated knobs and computer screens. Being a DJ looks hard! It’s not just about being talkative and cheerful all the time, it’s also being able to edit voice notes on the spot!! Super pressure, man.

I was a bit too excited that Asma’ was telling me to focus and being all bossy about what I have to say.

So I kicked her out.

I was wearing INNAI Jules top and Antyk Butyk necklace.

Linora!! She’s so cool.

During the interview, I got a text from Dean.

“Abang izinkan.”