bridal shower part 3: amazing gifts

July 29, 2012

As promised, this is last post for my bridal shower thrown by Toots and Asma’. Long overdue I know! Maaf. Still enjoying the early days of married life with Dean <3

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My best friends are seriously amazing. As part as the bridal shower, they came up with a gift registry for me so I won’t accidentally get 2 of the same things. The Malays aren’t really used to registry because it generally isn’t a norm to give presents or money, unlike the Chinese culture which I loveeeee! (Chinese people are so lucky!). So when you have a registry, you would have listed lots of items at a particular store (usually written on your wedding card. I wished I put Tiffany & Co on mine haha) that you want that people can get for you. For the older generation, that’s just like asking for things from people. But for us younger generation, I think it’s totally acceptable because you don’t want to give people things they don’t want or need. Very practical.

So of course this list made by them was a secret well-kept among my close friends, and they all showed up to my bridal shower with their own picks.

I loved them all of course!!



Here are some of the things I got from my awesome ladies.

When I saw these 2 boxes, I was like SO BIGGGG OPEN FIRST OPEN FIRST!!

Serves me right la. Dishwash liquid, detergent, and a bunch of other foreign things. Haha.

Ketuhar means microwave right?

“First few days of marriage, you’re gonna need loads of these!” – Alia Ishak

She wasn’t wrong….Haha.

So all my friends know I can’t cook, huh??

Yay!! Lots of colorful doorstoppers. HAHAHA I’m joking!

We’re still on cloud 9 now, but I’ll probably use this soon.

I was so excited to see those blue tubs I completely ignored the spaghetti. Stella brought those back for me and seriously they are the best eye make up removers in the world! Can’t find them in KL booooo.

Mr & Mrs towels specially made for us! Amazeballs.

My umm kitchen apron.

Oh so very funny.

Sha very sweetly made me a newlywed survival kit with everything I need to go through married life.

A magazine for when I get bored of Dean, chocolate as aphrodisiac, panadol, loads of things!

Fortress of The Muslim; a book highly recommended by a lot of the Islamic speakers.

Get yours online here!

Marriage advice for Dean and I. I am going to frame Dean’s in our new bedroom. Haha.

I have been eyeing this LV box since the start but didn’t want to look too greedy. But as soon as I picked it up, I yanked the box out. Shoes!! Shoesssss!!

Yeah, you suck for not getting me shoes.

The aftermath

To all my girlfriends, you guys made my wedding journey an awesome one I will always remember. Thank you for making me feel so loved and so special. I was one happy happy bride and that’s because of you guys!!

Toots and Asma’, I must’ve done something right to deserve you guys in my life.

Thank you for just being the best friends that you guys are.

Flanked by these two on my Nikah day.