closure for opah

July 21, 2012

Opah’s passing wasn’t a total shock to my family and I. We have been preparing for it because she was in the ICU and HDU for 4 weeks!! She was miserable and she had one complication after another almost all the time. It was so painful for us to see her like that, and thinking how much more painful it must be for her to endure it at 91 years old. Because she was in the ICU/HDU, there were strict visiting hours. We couldn’t stay there with her and Β everytime we left her, she looked so sad and it broke my heart. I know there are so many Opah fans on PD who are always eager to hear about Opah’s updates, but I hope you understand that I didn’t blog about it because it’s really not easy to talk about Opah in pain. That’s also why I never answered enquiries about Opah’s pictures at my wedding (she was hospitalised, but we visited her right after the akad in our wedding outfits and created a scene in the hospital).

She didn’t look very good for a while, but earlier this week she started looking a bit better and that kind of gave us hope. She started moaning names of people, and we rushed to get whoever she called to visit her in the hospital even those all the way from Ipoh. The only thing we couldn’t give her was the food that she asked for. She wanted milo, she wanted porridge, but due to her stomach complications she wasn’t allowed to eat or drink (she was on drips for a week plus). You see, her stomach had moved to one side of her body and to make things worse, it flipped upside down. And when they did a procedure to fix it, they found that the stomach couldn’t be moved back because it had already stuck to the wall.

There were 2 options. One is to have surgery because that’s the only way to fix the problem but it also means risking her life because she was too old. Second option is to leave it and put her on drips and painkillers for the rest of her life, which means she won’t be able to eat or drink, and she will be bedridden for as long as she lives. It was such a tough decision for our family, and finally on that Friday morning we had a meeting and decided to go for the operation. Little did we know God already decided for us to take Opah back with Him that evening.

But guys, Opah went away sooo sooo beautifully. Her heartbeat slowed gradually and she was calm. She didn’t open her eyes anymore and was just breathing heavily. We kept whispering in her ears to remind her of God and that we all love her. My mom wanted to pray, so she went down to the surau. While she was praying, we were advised that Opah was going to go any second. I ran down to the surau to get her, and when we were in the lift to go up, so many people wanted to stop at every single floor!! Finally Mom and I got to the ICU and after Mom held her, Opah’s readings showed a straight line. Almost like she was waiting for Mom to finish her prayers and come back to her.

The signs were so good:

1) It was a Friday

2) It was the holy month of Ramadhan

3) The mosque’s jenazah room ran out of electricity because of the rain, but when Opah’s body arrived at the mosque, the electricity came back up almost like magic.

4) It was raining so heavily right after Opah passed away, but the rained stopped when she arrived to be buried at the cemetery.

5) She was surrounded by all who loved her

6) People just showed up to help and to pray for her!

Sigh Opah we all miss you so so much you can’t imagine, but we are sooooo happy your suffering has stopped! You’re an awesome awesome person to a lot of people, and for all the happiness and kindness you’ve shown to people, we pray God will reward you with the highest of Jannah. I have never heard you speak ill of people and you are just patient when someone does you wrong, so know that you have left behind an inspirational example for all of us to follow. We shall meet again soon, but same thing I told Tok: please don’t come appearing in the dark because that freaks me out!! For now, we’ll eat all the kuey teows, roti canais and fried chickens for you, don’t you worry. Don’t worry about Mom either because I’ll burden her with a lot of work in the office to keep her busy. Rest well, Opah. Pray for us in heaven!

My family and I would like to thank everyone who was there at the funeral, and those who sent Opah prayers and wishes. We can’t even begin to repay you, may God bless you for your kindness.