each centimetre

July 16, 2012

Right now, Dean and I are shuttling between both parents’ houses. One week here, one week there. Thanks to both Moms and Dads for letting us do that so that I can delay cooking and cleaning.

We’re just starting to fill up our new home together, so we’ve started scouting for furniture and stuff.

I found out some new stuff:

1) Furniture is super duper expensive

2) Furniture shopping is tiring

3) Furniture shopping is so much fun

I saw a little girl in a furniture shop (I’m not talking about me, ha ha very funny…) and she was groaning and looking sooo bored. And I smiled to myself. Man, that was me more than 10 years ago. I guess you really know when you’re an adult when you think comparing 2 couches that look exactly the same is fun.

Before we went for all that, we visited our new home with some necessary friends:

Shirt: Dude & The Duchess

1) A measuring tape

2) A notepad

Dean of course became the poor guy who had to measure each cm of our walls.

While I put on my architect cap and bossed him around.

Cardigan: Chic Yamada

After a while, we succeeded in measuring every single wall. So now we can finally decide on which furniture fits best.

At the end of the day, I have good news and bad news for myself.

The good news is that I managed to convince Dean that we didn’t need a study room. Instead, we need one whole room as my wardrobe and shoes room. With a big island in the middle for all my….whatever, I’ll find stuff to put there. An island, guys! My own island! Sighhh…. I’ve always dreamed of this day *jumps for joy* *menaresoeasy*

The bad news is I will never become an architect even if I tried hard.

Just look at my proportions.