fv’s little secret

July 23, 2012

Ok I was under an oath not to tell, but I’m allowed to now because clearly it’s not a secret anymore.

Afzan’s pregnant!!!!!!!

Well, she’s going to pop in a few months, but let’s just pretend it’s the latest news ok?

Anyway, the bad news is that Afzan is leaving FV. We had our crying session in the office when she gave her resignation letter so I was confident there would be no tears at her farewell lunch.

Sigh…girls are so annoying.

We had a huge lunch at Afzan’s favourite restaurant Muhibbah and ordered one large Sotong Goreng just for Afzan and her baby, while we shared another large one. Guys, pregnant women can really eat!! Haha.

We got her a farewell gift and of course it had to be hilarious.

The biggest maternity bra and matching undies we could find. I was quite freaked out looking at the size haha.

We also got her some handsfree breast pump set that also freaked me out.

And a picture frame of her memories in FV.

We seriously need another guy in office, guys!! Dean looks like a pimp and I hate it!!

When you leave a company or any organization, be the person who people will miss and remember good times with. Afzan is definitely that person to me. She doesn’t open up to everyone, so the only way to be best buds with her is to work with her because you’re forced to see each other everyday. She is hilarious to be around, always fun and sarcastic and witty. She is an observer, not much of a talker to strangers. And I don’t stop talking. So it was always nice to get a lookout from Afzan after if she doesn’t get a good vibe. I felt so protected by her. But best of all, underneath all that, I think she’s got a good heart and she cares deeply for the people around her. And we all miss her so much in the office!

Her farewell speech, “I’m so sorry I got pregnant, guys…”


Anyway Afzan, if you’re reading this, I hope you know that we’ll always be there for you and we can’t wait for you to pop out Peanut. We pray you have a speedy delivery and none of the horror stories I hear about childbirth. Haha. No doubt you’ll be a good mom! When Peanut’s all big, know that you’re always welcomed back in the office, although you would have to fight the ergonomic chair with Sarah.

Thank you for your time with us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We love you!!

I was wearing Suri & Lana’s Twiggy jacket.ย